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About water

Obtained in the Far North

ARTE is water obtained in the Far North. The source of water is located in Izluchinsk urban settlement away from industrial facilities in water-preserving, eco-friendly zone. Great impact on the ecological purity has the cold and permafrost of the region KHMAO-Ugra, which saved the purity of natural resources, as one of untouched regions of Russia that has no influence of industry. The depth of water withdrawal from the well is more than 200 meters, the composition of the water from the source is stable, and its purity is confirmed by regular studies. The composition of water obtained from the well, has high values of natural nutrients essential for human health and requires little or no further water treatment that helps to preserve the natural properties of produced water.


ARTE water is meeting the highest criteria. In 2015 our company made a radical change in the packaging and launched the segment of PREMIUM class aligned with international standards both in quality and design.


«ARTE» PREMIUM water is designed for those who care about their health. It has calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonate and fluoride, which are the main biologically essential macro and micronutrients that affect the human body. Balanced composition of the water is a good prevention of many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, caries, rickets, thyroid disease and premature aging.



Total mineralization, mg/l 200,0-500,0
Total hardness, mg/l 1,5-7,0
Calcium, mg/l 25,0-80,0
Magnesium, mg/l 5,0-50,0
Potassium, mg/l 2,0-20,0
Bicarbonates, mg/l 30,0-400,0
Fluoride, mg/l 0,6-1,2


Currently the company is rebranding the water "ARTE" SHUNGITE. It is known that shungite, like no other material is able not only to carry out deep water cleaning due to its high sorption and bactericidal properties, but also to saturate the water with fullerenes (a special form of carbon). This water is a good antioxidant, has a rejuvenating effect on the human body, improves the immune system of a person, has a wide range of microelements and biologically active substances. In the production of "ARTE" SHUNGITE we use artesian water of the highest category, and in the water treatment technology we use shungite, obtained from the quarries of the Republic of Karelia.

At the moment, it is a novelty on the market of drinking water. ARTE is the only water in the region, where shungite is used in the production of water. It should be noted that the water in all cases of its use for drinking, cooking and decoctions can be boiled, however, the main healing properties of shungite water are preserved after boiling.

Thus, using Schungite water you can not only be sure in water quality but also get health benefits since water has undergone treatment by shungite, gets structured, mineralized, and improves overall body tone of adults and children.


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